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Worth considering: Buy solar panels together with a storage solution

Producing your own green energy is one of the easiest environmentally friendly changes to make in your life. Solar panels help reduce your ecological footprint, save on electricity costs and sell electricity back to the power network. In order to make the most of the energy you have produced, we recommend purchasing an energy storage device in addition to the panels.

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Expert advice: Fixed-rate packages provide protection against the ever-changing energy market

Market prices of electricity that skyrocketed during the energy crisis have now started to fall. The price lists of electricity packages have also changed with the market’s slowdown. While the universal service was the cheapest option in the last months of last year, it is today the most expensive one. This creates confusion among consumers and makes them wonder how to be protected against market volatility.

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5 reasons to fix your electricity price for six months

Fixed-rate packages are an excellent choice for those consumers who are looking for stability in today’s ever-changing energy market and want to mitigate the risks of price increases. The “Fixed 6” package fixes the price of electricity at a favourable level for half a year – so the price for a kilowatt-hour of electricity will be the same for you for the next six months.

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