Comparison of electricity packages: explore the options and find the one that best suits your needs

There are as many electricity consumption habits as people. To cater to consumers’ needs and preferences, there is a wide range of different electricity packages on the market. What are the differences between electricity packages and how to choose the right one for you?

The most suitable electricity package for each customer depends on their electricity consumption and their ability and willingness to monitor and manage their consumption. Electricity packages are divided into two types: fixed-price and exchange packages.

All the electricity packages offered by Enefit can be personalised according to your wishes: for example, you can choose one based on renewable energy or set an appropriate price type or tariff. By choosing a one tariff package, the price of electricity for the consumer is the same every hour. In the case of two tariffs, the price varies, usually being cheaper at night and more expensive during the day.

Main differences between fixed-price and exchange packages

In the Fixed package with a fixed price, the unit price of electricity is agreed upon and does not change during the validity period of the contract. This way, you have a clear understanding of the cost per kilowatt-hour and can plan your monthly expenses with confidence.

The Fixed package is particularly suitable for consumers who are looking for security against fluctuating electricity prices, use electric heating and do not manage their consumption. You can choose from six packages with a time limit of either 6, 12 or 36 months:

  • Fixed 6
  • Fixed 6 Green
  • Fixed 12
  • Fixed 12 Green
  • Fixed 36
  • Fixed 36 Green

Electricity packages that contain the word ‘Green’ in their title are based on renewable energy. In other words, the electricity supplied to your home is generated from 100% renewable sources, primarily solar, wind and hydro-energy.

Opting for green energy means you are consuming environmentally friendly electricity, contributing to a cleaner future and fostering the growth of renewable energy in the market in the long term – the more green energy consumers there are, the more renewable generation capacity we can create.

In the Exchange package with an exchange price, the price of electricity changes every hour and it cannot be predicted. The exchange price is influenced by several factors, such as electricity supply and demand as well as the share of renewable energy in the market. Although it is possible to take advantage of lower-priced hours by managing consumption, it is also essential to be prepared for potential price peaks.

The Exchange package is suitable for both small producers and risk-tolerant consumers with above-average consumption who are willing to monitor exchange prices and time their consumption to optimise cost savings. You can choose between the regular package and renewable energy-based package:

  • Exchange Regular
  • Exchange Green

Seasonal Secure package combines the advantages of fixed-price and exchange packages

Alongside the Fixed and Exchange packages, Enefit also offers a third electricity package called Seasonal Secure. The Seasonal Secure package offers customers the advantages of affordable exchange electricity in the summer and the stability of a fixed price in the winter – with this package, customers benefit from the exchange price from April to September and the fixed price from October to March.

The Seasonal Secure package is ideal for customers who do not want to continuously change their package and who wish to make the most of seasonal price differences and consume environmentally friendly and sustainable energy. The Seasonal Secure package is only available as a Green package.

The table below provides an overview of all the above electricity packages:

Fixed packageExchange packageSeasonal Secure package
6 months12 months36 months6 months12 months36 monthsTermlessTermlessTermless
Suitable for price-sensitive and environmentally-conscious people with lower electricity consumptionSuitable for price-sensitive people with lower electricity consumptionSuitable for risk-tolerant and environmentally-conscious people with above-average consumptionSuitable for risk-tolerant people with above-average consumptionSuitable for consumption- and environmentally-conscious people who want to leverage of the electricity market

For an even more convenient way to compare and select electricity packages, visit the Enefit website and enter your monthly electricity consumption in kilowatt-hours (KWh). The system will then calculate approximate prices for all available electricity packages tailored to your apartment or house.

If you want more information or have any other questions, we will be happy to help. Contact us and write to, call 777 4040 or leave a request for a consultation on our website.

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