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Reader asks: “What does an electricity bill consist of?”

Electricity is an integral part of our lives – we need it whether we’re at work, walking down the street or doing domestic chores. As the electricity bill we receive each month has a direct impact on our monthly budget, it is only natural that people want to know exactly what they are paying for when they use electricity.

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Switching to a green electricity package – a simple change with a big impact

On the path to a cleaner future, everyone’s habits have an impact. Choosing a green electricity package is one of the easiest environmentally friendly changes you can make. By consuming electricity produced from renewable energy sources, less carbon dioxide is emitted into the air, your environmental footprint is reduced and there is a direct impact on electricity production.

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What should you do with your electricity contract when moving?

It is not necessary to think about concluding an electricity contract in your day-to-day life, but when moving, it is inevitably something that has to be faced. We explain how to deal with electrical operations when moving both in and out and what happens when an electricity supplier is not chosen.

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Let's start saving!

Let's start saving!

Advice from an energy expert: a storage solution allows you to get the most out of solar panels

Estonians’ interest in producing electricity from the sun is growing. This is confirmed both by the number of electricity producers joining the grid and connection applications from micro-producers, which are setting new records this year. In order to better manage monthly expenses and income from produced electricity, we recommend considering a storage solution.

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Enefit is new energy

As of 1 January 2024, all our energy products and services are available under the Enefit brand. At Enefit, we are your energy partners, who help you find smart energy solutions. Solutions that make your day-to-day life more convenient, are more energy-efficient and help reduce your environmental footprint.


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Customer video: Establishment of an operator-neutral communication network in the Volta Quarter

2023. The machine industry area of the Volta Quarter in North Tallinn is being reconstructed with completely new energy rating A buildings at the beginning of 2023. Along with the new development, Enefit Connect has established Tallinn’s first major operator-neutral telecommunications network for Volta providing 927 end users with a communication connection.

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