In addition to electricity consumption, small producers can now also view data on the sale of electricity to the grid by using the Enefit mobile app

Monitoring your energy consumption and production has never been easier! Before, small electricity producers had to collect all the information about their production, consumption and sale of electricity to the grid from three places:

  • Information on electricity production from the solar park monitoring app.
  • Information on the sale of electricity to the network from the electricity network service provider.
  • Information on electricity consumption from the respective service provider.

Now you can find everything you need conveniently in one place – the Enefit mobile app. Opening the app, you can see exactly how much electricity you have produced, consumed or sold each hour. You can also view and compare the data by week, month or year.

With summer coming soon and solar energy production gaining more and more momentum, monitoring consumption and sales to the grid will help you plan your energy consumption and associated costs more precisely. In this way, small producers will be able to make decisions most beneficial to them.

Our mobile app is a smart assistant for everyone

For an even better overview of consumption, the app can be used to estimate how much energy is spent on one or another activity. For example, having used a sauna the night before, you can look retrospectively at how much the energy consumption of the household increased during the operation of the electric heater. This allows you to adjust your consumption accordingly if you desire to save on electricity bills.

In addition to the current day, the app also displays the exchange prices of electricity for the next day. The option to see when prices are low and high comes in handy when scheduling consumption or selling, helping to make the most of the market.

If you don’t want to keep track on your own, you can set up notifications to let you know about the next day’s electricity prices. The app also informs you in a situation where your electricity consumption has varied compared to usual consumption.

You can download Enefit’s mobile app from Google Play, App Store or AppGallery. To log in, use the same method with which you have previously logged in to the self-service of our website (ID-card, Mobile-ID or Smart-ID).

Download the mobile app here:

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