The average customer of the universal electricity service would save nearly 120 euros per year by changing the electricity package

Eesti Energia currently has 65,000 customers who consume electricity based on the universal service package, although this is the most expensive option on the market today. The package can be changed free of charge, whereas the financial gain for an average universal service customer would be almost 120 euros a year.

‘Now that autumn is about to arrive, it is very important to review the choice of your electricity package as well as help your elderly family members, so that they can withstand the winter more economically,’ states Roul Tutt, the Sales Director of Home Markets at Eesti Energia. ‘A large number of customers who use the universal service are older people who may not be digitally competent enough to change their electricity package in self service or are not aware of the savings that arise from changing the package,’ Tutt adds.

From the 1st of September, Eesti Energia will reduce the margin of the universal service package for residential customers and small businesses from the current 0.75 cents/kWh to 0.44 cents/kWh. Together with the margin, the new universal service price is 18.93 cents/kWh. However, it is still significantly more expensive than other fixed-price electricity packages – for example, the price of the package Fixed 12 is 12.6 cents/kWh, plus a monthly fee of €1.99.

During the month of August, Eesti Energia will inform all its residential customers and small businesses that have the universal service package of the lowering of the margin, and also remind them of the possibility of replacing this with a cheaper package.

The average monthly electricity consumption of a private customer of Eesti Energia on universal service is 158 kWh, for which they would pay 30 euros from the 1st of September. With the same consumption, the payable amount with package Fixed 12 would be 19.9 euros. Thus, the customer would save almost 120 euros during the year by changing the package.

To get cheaper electricity, each universal service customer must choose a new package for themselves, it is not possible to transfer anyone automatically. This winter, state support for the payment of electricity bills for the universal service consumers will not be offered. Therefore, it is important to review the choice of your electricity package soon.

For customers who need help in making a choice, please contact the customer service of Eesti Energia by calling +372 777 4040 or sending an email to, so that we could help you find the most suitable energy solution.

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