Which electricity package is the best for you? Together we’ll find the right one

While it takes just a few mouse clicks to sign an electricity contract, choosing the right package for your needs can take a little longer. Enefit offers three different categories of electricity packages, from which both long-term security seekers and risk-taking energy consumer will find the right one.

When choosing an electricity package, you should first and foremost consider the size and nature of your household, your budget and your consumption habits. It is important to consider that the higher the consumption, the more the package you choose will affect your home’s energy use and costs.

The electricity packages offered by Enefit are divided into two types: fixed and exchange-priced. All of our fixed and exchange-priced packages can be personalised to meet your needs: for example, you can choose your electricity to be based on renewable energy, or you can set your own tariff type.

By choosing a one tariff package, the price of electricity for the consumer is the same every hour. In case of two tariffs, the price varies, usually being cheaper at night and more expensive during the day. This price volatility allows for the consumption of more energy during the time when it is less expensive, saving money.


With a fixed package, you can fix the electricity price for the period you would like: for 6, 12 or 36 months. This way, you can enjoy a stable electricity price, unaffected by market fluctuations. By buying electricity at a fixed price, you know exactly how much each kilowatt-hour you spend costs and can plan your monthly expenses comfortably.

As mentioned above, a fixed package is also available in green energy. The green package ensures that the electricity that reaches your home is produced from 100% renewable energy sources. In addition to knowing that you are consuming environmentally friendly electricity, you are also contributing to a cleaner future and helping to bring more green energy to the market in the long term – the more green energy consumers there are, the more renewable generation capacity we can create.


The exchange package is suitable for both small producers and riskier consumers willing to monitor exchange prices and time their consumption to save more on electricity prices. As the exchange price of electricity is volatile and can vary every hour, you can manage your costs by consuming electricity when its price is lower.

At the same time, you should be prepared for possible hikes and peaks in prices, as the exchange price of electricity is not predictable and depends on a combination of various factors. Users of the exchange package can conveniently keep an eye on exchange prices in Enefit’s mobile app.

Universal service

The universal service offers the possibility to purchase electricity at an off-exchange price. While originally a good solution for consumers who wanted a cheaper alternative to rising electricity prices in the energy crisis, today the universal service is the most expensive package on the market.

The price of the universal service is set by the Competition Authority and, as it is directly related to production costs, it may change at any time. The electricity used is produced in Enefit Power’s shale power plants.

Choosing an electricity package is now easier

In most cases, electricity suppliers show the price per kilowatt-hour to their customers, which does not give a clear idea of how much the monthly electricity bill will be. The new package map on Enefit’s website solves this problem and offers the possibility to predict the cost of electricity in advance.

After you have entered your monthly electricity consumption in kilowatt-hours (kWh), the system displays approximate prices for all electricity packages and price types available for your apartment or house. This way you can compare packages and it is much easier to choose the one that is the best for you.

After you have logged into the self-service, the system automatically calculates accurate prices for Enefit’s customers based on available consumption data. If you are not an Enefit customer, you can give Enefit access to your consumption data on Elering’s website, and then use our self-service to see your forecast monthly prices for electricity.

Electricity packageFixed
Contract periodGreen
AdvantageFor whom?
Fixed+6, 12 or 36 monthsYou mitigate
the risks related to price increases
For consumption-conscious customers with lower electricity consumption
Fixed Green+6, 12 or 36 months+You mitigate
the risks related to price increases
and consume only green energy
For consumption-conscious customers who care about the environment
ExchangeTermlessAbility to schedule electricity consumption
to less expensive hours
For customers with above average consumption who are willing to monitor exchange prices for electricity
Exchange GreenTermless+Ability to schedule electricity consumption
to less expensive hours, using only green energy
For customers with above average consumption who are willing to monitor exchange prices for electricity and care about the environment
Universal service+/-Can be signed
until May 1, 2024
Buy electricity
at a state-regulated price
For customers whose monthly electricity price is higher than the universal service price

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Reader asks: “What does an electricity bill consist of?”

Electricity is an integral part of our lives – we need it whether we’re at work, walking down the street or doing domestic chores. As the electricity bill we receive each month has a direct impact on our monthly budget, it is only natural that people want to know exactly what they are paying for when they use electricity.

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