Eesti Energia offers renewable electricity cheaper than the universal service to household consumers

Eesti Energia has lowered the price of its long-term fixed-price green electricity package. As a limited offer, it is possible to fix the price of electricity for seven years at 15.49 s/kWh, which is 20% cheaper than the universal service.

“Although the universal service provides many consumers with a sense of security for the winter, we cannot deny that the price of electricity produced from oil shale is still very high due to various environmental taxes. We have done a lot of work to be able to offer our customers a more affordable electricity package based on renewable electricity at market conditions, which would provide even more relief. It is now possible thanks to the new wind farms being added to the region and the long-term contracts we have signed with various renewable energy developers,” explained Agnes Roos, Member of the Management Board of Eesti Energia.

As a reliable energy partner, Eesti Energia promises that the agreed price will not change during the seven-year contract period. The package includes an early termination fee.

The electricity in the package is generated in wind farms in the nearby region, including Enefit Green’s wind farms. According to Roos, the only real remedy against high electricity prices is investments in renewable energy and new power plants.

“In order to achieve affordable electricity prices in the long term, more wind farms are urgently needed in our region. Renewable energy contracts signed by customers contribute to the faster development of new wind farms. This gives developers investment confidence that there is a buyer for the electricity they produce,” Roos added.

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