Accidents do not announce themselves! Insure your home easily and without worries

In today’s fast-paced world, having security and protection is crucial. We often insure our homes, cars and even our health, but have you ever considered insuring your electrical appliances, for example?

According to the statistics of the Estonian Rescue Board, at least 145 of the 487 residential building fires in 2022 were caused by electricity. The causes may be outdated wiring, weather conditions or overload. We all have electrical appliances at home (eg a heat pump, router, TV, set-top box) that are sensitive to power surges, lightning etc.

In order to reduce risks and unexpected costs, we have created three insurance solutions for our household customers. You can buy the desired policy in addition to your home insurance or separately:

  • Electrical Appliances Plus Insurance.
  • Fire Insurance.
  • Electrical Appliances and Fire Insurance.

The insurance packages require a valid electricity or gas contract with Enefit.

Reasons to consider joining:

  • Low monthly fee (from 1.99 €).
  • Smart devices and computers up to 2 years old are compensated at their initial purchase cost.
  • You can use the insurance even in your non-permanent residence.
  • No restrictions on the age of the building.
  • The number of insured events per year is unlimited.
  • One invoice for both electricity and insurance.
  • Maximum deductible is 50 €.

Find out more:

Best choice! Electrical appliances and Fire Insurance – 4.49 €
Insurance typeElectrical Appliances Plus Insurance – 1.99 €Fire Insurance2.99 €
What is covered?Electrical appliances and installations damaged by lightning, electrical failure or overload (eg TV, router, washing machine, wiring, plugs).

Electrician call-out costs.
The apartment or house and all its essential parts damaged by fire (eg walls, floors, interior finishing, heating and gas installations).
Amount covered2000 € + electrician call-out costs 200 €10 000 €
Advantages– All domestic electrical appliances are covered, including solar panels attached to the house.
– Fault detection costs are compensated even if the expert assessment determines that the fault is not an insured event.
– You can conveniently insure non-permanent residences, such as your summer cottage or garden house.
– You can use the compensation as you see fit.
– You are not required to restore the damaged object.
The number of insured events per year is unlimited
Advantages if you already have insurance– Smart devices and computers up to 2 years old are compensated at their initial purchase cost.
– You can also conveniently insure the electrical appliances in your summer home.
– Pay for insurance with your electricity or gas bill.
– Helps cover reasonable medical expenses for you and your family members if the fire has led to a health problem of which treatment is not covered by regular health insurance.
– Compensation for up to 60 days of lost income if you or your family members are unable to work due to health damage caused by the fire.
– Helps in the event of claims against you by third parties arising from legal liability related to the fire.
– Covers your rent in the amount of 500 € per month for up to 4 months if your home has become uninhabitable.
– Covers other costs you have incurred due to the fire, which have been agreed upon with the insurer before their incurrence.

Signing up is easy and only takes a few minutes. Simply choose the insurance policy you want on our website and fill in the order form in the self-service. The insurance cover will take effect immediately after the order form has been confirmed.

You can make changes to your chosen package at any time and, unlike a traditional insurance contract, you can withdraw from either of the insurance solutions offered by Enefit whenever you want.

The insurance solution of Enefit consists of contracts concluded between Enefit and If P&C Insurance AS (electrical appliances insurance) and the Estonian branch of AAS BTA Baltic Insurance Company (fire insurance), in which Enefit is the policyholder and the insured person is the customer of an electricity or gas contract of Enefit.

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