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How to save on electricity costs?

As the number of electrical appliances in our homes, offices and production facilities has increased significantly over the years, this has in turn increased the amount of electricity consumed. Skyrocketing electricity prices have made businesses and homeowners seriously think about reducing their energy costs. How to reduce daily energy consumption and which investments would bring savings for a longer period of time?

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Why do I have a different electricity price than my neighbour has? In other words, how are quotes for a fixed electricity price developed

But first about the concept. Fixed price of electricity means that a customer and an electricity seller agree on the price per kilowatt hour of electricity, which does not change during the entire contract period. In other words, the price of electricity is fixed for a certain period of time, and customers can precisely plan their electricity expenses in advance. For example, about 62% of Enefit’s more than 475,000 household customers have decided in favour of a fixed price.

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Home savings

Try for yourself: An app that saves money and electricity

Most people in Estonia have a smartphone in their pocket and it is mainly used for communication with friends, entertainment and business. Today’s world of apps is immensely wide, and among other things, you can find such applications that help to keep an eye on your household.

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