Which electricity package is best suited for you? Let’s find out together

While concluding an electricity contract is just a few clicks away, it may take longer to choose the package that suits your needs. Enefit has five electricity packages available, suitable for consumers seeking long-term security as well as for those willing to take risks.

With almost all of our packages, you can also choose Green Energy, the production of which uses 100% renewable energy sources, mainly solar, wind and hydropower. We either produce Green Energy ourselves or buy it from other European electricity producers.


The Fixed Package is divided into two: Fixed 6 and Fixed 36. For both packages, the price is fixed for 6 or 36 months, respectively, and is not affected by fluctuations in the electricity market. When you buy electricity at a fixed price, you know exactly how much every consumed kilowatt-hour costs and you can plan your monthly expenses.

Fixed Plus

The Fixed Plus fixes the price of electricity for 84 months and the agreed price never changes during that time. Your electricity comes from Enefit Green’s renewable energy units, so you can be sure that you are consuming 100% green energy and you are one step closer to a cleaner future. Considering your monthly electricity consumption, you will have a long-term overview of your home expenses.


The Exchange Package is suitable for consumers willing to take risks to benefit from cheap price periods on the power exchange, but who are also ready for price hikes. Since the exchange price changes every hour, you can manage your own elctricity costs by adjusting your consumption to the time with a cheaper price. A good assistant for those using the Exchange Package is Enefit’s mobile app that allows you to monitor the exchange price of electricity and make consumption decisions accordingly.

Universal service

Universal service offers the opportunity to purchase electricity at an off-exchange price until April 30, 2026. This is a good solution for those consumers who want a cheaper alternative to rising electricity prices. In the case of universal service, it is important to take into account that since its price depends on production costs, it can change at any time. The electricity used is produced in the oil shale power plants of Enefit Power, a subsidiary of Enefit.

Electricity packageFixed
Contract periodGreen
AdvantageFor whom?
Fixed+6 or 36 months+You reduce
the risks of rising prices and consume
green energy only
For price-sensitive customers with low electricity consumption
Fixed Plus+84 months+You reduce
the risks of rising prices and consume
green energy only
For consumption-conscious customers who care about the environment
ExchangeTermlessYou can schedule your electricity consumption
to less expensive hours
For customers with medium-high consumption who monitor electricity exchange prices
Universal service+/-Eligible period
until 30 April 2026
Possibility to buy electricity
at a state-regulated price
For customers whose fixed prices are higher than that of the universal service, or for customers with power exchange packages who seek price certainty

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