Worth considering: Buy solar panels together with a storage solution

Producing your own green energy is one of the easiest environmentally friendly changes to make in your life. Solar panels help reduce your ecological footprint, save on electricity costs and sell electricity back to the power network. In order to make the most of the energy you have produced, we recommend purchasing an energy storage device in addition to the panels.

As we know, the productivity of solar panels is highest during the day when the sun shines directly on them. It is also the time when most people are away from home, either at work or doing other errands. So, the panels generate energy that is left unconsumed, and when you get home in the evening, you still have to buy electricity from the power network. Such a situation does not occur with a storage device.

Energy storage – what exactly is it?

An energy storage unit is a device that allows the energy generated by solar panels to be stored and used when production is low or completely absent. Just like energy, there are different types of energy storage. This article will discuss one of the main types of storage – batteries.

Our product range includes lithium-ion batteries that can be chosen in three capacities – 5, 10 and 15 kWh. Lithium-ion batteries are safe, reliable and long-lasting. In addition, they are 95% recyclable, which means that they do not have to be thrown away but can be used again in the future. The battery is attached to the wall or floor of a suitable room.

Therefore, all the electricity generated by the panels during the day is stored in the battery, and you can manage your own energy consumption. The following lists four reasons why an energy storage unit can be useful for you.

You consume more of your own electricity

A battery allows you to use the electricity you produce exactly when you want. While an average household uses 30-40% of the total electricity it produces, a battery can increase the consumption by at least 20%, totalling in more than half of your own production. This enables to partly or completely cover the energy needs of your building, buy less electricity from the network and have more money left over.

NB! The more energy generated by the solar panels you consume on site, the faster the project pays for itself.

Electricity is available for you during network failures

The solar power plants that we see on building roofs, facades or on the ground require network power as one part to produce energy. If the mains supply is interrupted, a solar power plant will usually switch off.

If your solar power plant has a storage solution with a backup power switch, you can use electricity even when there is no network connection. Most household appliances such as refrigerators, washing machines, vacuum cleaners, lights, computers and TVs can use this power for 6-9 hours, depending on the battery charge.

You can use it when your solar panels are not producing

During the winter months, when the sun is low and the productivity of the panels is lower than usual, the missing electricity must be purchased from the power network. A battery solution allows you to make the market work for yourself by storing energy in the battery directly from the network during cheap hours and use or sell it back to the network when the hourly price of electricity is higher.

With the income you earn, you save on bills and keep your electricity costs low throughout the year.

In the future, when it comes to batteries, we will be able to talk about smart solutions that will allow you to automatically manage your energy consumption, keeping in mind both the energy consumption of your household and the price of electricity.

Take a step towards green and sustainable energy production today! More information about solar panels and storage solutions for household and business customers is available on Enefit’s website.

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