Towards the future! More than 20,000 customers have joined Enefit’s high-speed internet

Working from home office, e-learning or using social media – these are just some of the activities that would not be possible without an internet connection. While connection quality usually depends on the number of devices connected to the network, 20,000 customers using Enefit’s high-speed internet have access to a high-quality connection at any given time, regardless of weather, coverage or the number of users.

To celebrate Christmas and the achievement of a nice round number of customers, Enefit’s high-speed internet team decided to surprise the 20,000th subscriber by paying their subscription agreement invoice. This customer was Riina from Tareste village on Hiiumaa.

We contacted Riina to inform her of the good news and to ask about her experience with high-speed internet so far. Read the interview to find out more!

Why did you make the decision now to join Enefit’s high-speed internet?

I actually forgot to join when I first found out that it was possible. And then my neighbours reminded me. I can’t even remember when I submitted the application on the website of Enefit. It was probably in October. However, the call letting me know that I can join came recently. I figured maybe I was too late, which is why I didn’t contact you again myself.

When did you first hear about us?

The first time I received either an email or a call, I don’t remember exactly. I also saw on social media that joining was possible.

How was your experience with signing the contract?

It was swift and proper. I was treated very well. I also asked questions, such as what I needed to do after installation. The customer service representative gave me a lot of information, which encouraged me to join.

As I’ve started to use the home office more, it made me consider the need for faster internet. I was looking for options and your offer seemed suitable.

Do you have any internet-related dreams you hope to realise soon? For example, when I get good internet, I will finally watch murder mysteries on Netflix without interruptions before the murder has been solved, or something like that.

(Laughs.) It definitely allows me to use such channels more. My current TV service provider is Viasat. When it snows, it doesn’t work. So there’s no need for Netflix if I can’t even watch ETV. There were no other options when I moved here, but things have advanced by now.


Enefit’s high-speed internet is an operator-neutral communications network based on fibre-optic cables, providing a consistent download speed of at least 1 Gbit/s at any given time. It is the fastest and most unrestricted data solution both now and in the future. Operator neutrality means that customers can choose the internet and TV service provider that suits them or continue using their current one – it is fully up to them.

Read more about the high-speed internet and TV network on Enefit’s website.

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