Eesti Energia is automatically transferring 129 000 customers to universal service

The producer price of the universal service was announced today: 15,4 c/kWh. Electricity sellers add their justified costs related to the provision of the service, a reasonable business profit and value added tax to the producer price. From 1 October, Eesti Energia will be offering its customers a final universal service price of 19,2 c/kWh, plus a monthly fee of EUR 1.99 (prices include VAT).

According to Agnes Roos, Member of the Management Board of Eesti Energia, they are making sure that the transition to universal service be as worry-free as possible for customers. Those for whom the universal service is a more affordable solution will be automatically transferred to the new package as of 1 October, and customers will not have to do anything extra. The automatic change affects about 129 000 household customers of Eesti Energia.

“We will inform our customers about the change by letter in the next few days. If a customer receives the letter about the transfer to the universal service but does not want it, they can withdraw from the offer until 12 October,” Roos added.

How are consumers transferred to universal electricity service?

  • If a customer’s current electricity package is more expensive than the universal service price, Eesti Energia will automatically transfer them to the universal service. The calculation is based on the customer’s personal average electricity price (s/kWh) for the last two months (July, August).
  • We will notify everyone of the change by e-mail or letter. It may take a few days for the letter to arrive.
  • If a customer does not want to join the universal service, they can withdraw from the offer until 12 October (incl.)

It is easiest for the customers of Eesti Energia to perform operations in the self-service of Eesti Energia at In addition, they can get help from the customer service line 777 4040 and e-mail address

“We have increased our number of consultants significantly and are ready to answer all questions. We will expand our availability to customers from Monday, 3 October, by using the network of Omniva post offices. At post offices, anyone can check whether they have been offered the universal service, submit requests to join Eesti Energia’s universal service or opt out of the universal service,” Roos added.

If the customer’s current electricity package is cheaper than the price of universal service, they will not be automatically transferred. If they wish, they can still choose the universal service by changing their electricity package via self-service or customer service. It is possible to join universal service later as well.

Roos emphasizes that the price of universal service may change over time. “The producer price includes a number of variable components, such as carbon price and labour costs, the fluctuation of which has been significant in recent months.”

Universal service provision for small businesses is currently in its legislative phase

Customers will receive energy support regardless of their chosen electricity package

“As we saw last winter, the state support measures were beneficial for many customers. We are glad that this year all household consumers of electricity and gas will again receive a uniform price compensation, regardless of their contract,” Agnes acknowledged the government’s aim to ensure price stability for consumers.”

From 1 October 2022 to 31 March 2023, household consumers will receive a national electricity price subsidy. The support applies if their electricity price exceeds 8 c/kWh, and up to 5 c/kWh will be compensated (excluding VAT). The subsidy will be automatically added to electricity bills, customers don’t have to do anything extra.

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