Helpful Hints: How to save money on electricity by making small changes?

The consumption of electricity in households has risen multifold over recent decades, because the number of electrical appliances in our homes has substantially grown. There is at least one STB, router, computer, kettle and many other electrical appliances in almost every home.

Each household has the possibility to save energy with simple tips. Most energy-saving solutions are as easy as riding a bike and can result in a lower bill already next month. It is possible for everyone to save, regardless of your monthly electricity bills.

Use heating wisely

As the Estonian climate requires heating for almost half a year, it consumes the biggest amount of energy. Every heating system has its pros and cons. For example, the initial investment in the introduction of electric radiators and underfloor heating may be the lowest, but their fixed costs are significantly increased in winter due to higher electricity prices.

If you love a warm stone floor in your bathroom, know that this comfort can have a big impact on your electricity bills. An air source heat pump, for example, is a much more economical solution than an old oil radiator or electric heat blower.

Switch off

Today’s households may have up to 20 appliances that are constantly in standby mode and consume electricity not only during active use but all the time – 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Standby power consumption can account for up to 10% of total electricity bills.

Think about payback time

When purchasing a new household appliance, you should keep an eye on not just the retail price, but also on how much the maintenance of the appliance will cost you. A more expensive but more economical appliance will often pay off within a couple of years. By replacing a 20-year-old refrigerator with a new A++ appliance, you can save up to 33 euros a year; by using a dishwasher to wash your dishes, you can save 40-79 euros a year on water and energy.

Lower the temperature

Laundry does not need to be washed with 60- or 40-degree water. For lightly dirty laundry, a 30-degree cycle is enough. Similarly, the temperature of underfloor heating or that of your water heater does not have to be at maximum. In the case of water heaters, a temperature of 55 degrees is sufficient, reducing the formation of scale which also affects energy consumption. Reducing your room temperature by one degree means reducing your heating costs by 5%.

Consume consciously

Since all Estonia has been transferred to remotely-read hour-based meters, Enefit’s customers can keep track of their energy consumption by hour using our self-service or mobile app and compare it by week, month or year. By keeping an eye on your consumption, you can see the effect of more energy efficient appliances or the beginning of the heating season on your bills. If you find ways to save and consume at least one kilowatt hour less, it will have a threefold effect on your electricity bills, because by saving on electrical energy, the network fee, electricity excise tax and renewable energy charge will decrease as well.

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