Customer video: Establishment of an operator-neutral communication network in the Volta Quarter

The machine industry area of the Volta Quarter in North Tallinn is being reconstructed with completely new energy rating A buildings at the beginning of 2023. Along with the new development, Enefit Connect has established Tallinn’s first major operator-neutral telecommunications network for Volta providing 927 end users with a communication connection.

The video has Uku Tint, Development and Construction Director at Endover, speaking about the history of the Volta Quarter, about the start of the cooperation and the future of communication networks.

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Energy Market Overview

Energy Market Overview 14.03.2023: Universal service price is held high by CO2

Due to the end of the heating season, windy weather and the high level of gas reserves, the electricity exchange price remains at a lower level than the Estonian universal service price. The production price for universal service is determined by the Competition Authority, while the component with the greatest impact is the high CO2 quota price.

Effective business

Worth considering: Buy solar panels together with a storage solution

Producing your own green energy is one of the easiest environmentally friendly changes to make in your life. Solar panels help reduce your ecological footprint, save on electricity costs and sell electricity back to the power network. In order to make the most of the energy you have produced, we recommend purchasing an energy storage device in addition to the panels.