Take a virtual tour and discover: smart energy solutions for your home

Energy saving starts with small changes. We have created an exciting virtual tour that introduces smart energy solutions, which you can use to make your home electricity consumption more energy-efficient and green – both inside and out.

In the virtual tour, you can get familiarised with various energy solutions room by room. In addition to the living room, you can visit the utility room and explore the equipment outside the house. You can acquire useful knowledge on topics such as:

  • Electricity and electricity packages
  • Heating solutions
  • Solar energy production and its storage
  • Electric car charging
  • High-speed internet
  • Electrical equipment and its insurance

Why prefer green energy solutions?

  1. Less impact on the environment: Producing electricity from non-renewable energy sources (eg oil shale) emits various pollutants, including CO2, both during mining and subsequent use. Increased levels of CO2 in the atmosphere have an adverse impact on the environment, and one of the consequences is global warming.

    Producing or consuming electricity from renewable energy sources, such as the sun or wind, does not generate harmful compounds. This helps us preserve nature and contribute to creating a cleaner environment for future generations.
  2. Saving money: Green energy sources like the sun and wind are all around us. This provides a good opportunity to use natural resources to start producing electricity for yourself. This way, you can cover your building’s energy needs without having to buy electricity from the grid. If you produce more electricity than you consume, you can sell the surplus electricity back to the grid and thus earn income.
  3. Future-proof: Non-renewable energy resources are finite – in other words, the more we use them, the less there are. Solar, wind and hydroelectric power, on the other hand, are infinite, as they are constantly being renewed (hence the name renewable energy). This means that we will be able to use them again and again in the future.
  4. Increase the value of your home: When looking for a home, more and more people are looking for sustainable energy solutions that increase the energy efficiency of the building and help save on electricity bills. Thus, devices based on renewable energy make your building more valuable and more attractive to the market.

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